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En Biología Computacional


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The different teaching modules / activities that make up the study plan are shown below, along with the subjects and seminars that comprise them. In addition, basic information about the subjects is included. Furthermore, there are links to the learning guides of the different subjects and seminars, with complete information about them. Note: The learning guides for the seminars, taught in the second semester, will be published according to UPM regulations within the stipulated period prior to enrollment.


M1. Basic Subjects

  • Statistical Analysis And Data Visualization – Jacinto González, Antonio Jiménez, Juan Antonio Fernández, Raúl García Castro (Teaching Guide)
  • Machine Learning – Emilio Serrano, Mariano Rico, Esteban García (Teaching Guide)
  • Bioinformatics Programming Challenges – Mark Wilkinson (Teaching Guide)
  • Genomic data analysis and visualization – Jaime Huerta-Cepas, Miguel Ángel Moreno-Risueño y Jouaquín Giner (Teaching Guide)
  •  FAIR data management Mark Wilkinson (Teaching Guide)

M2. Computacional Biology, Systems Biology, and Genomics

  • Genomics Assisted Breeding   Julio Isidro (Teaching Guide)
  • Computational Approaches In Evolutionary Biology – Israel Pagán y Alejandro Couce (Teaching Guide)
  • Modelization And Simulation Of Biosystems – Jaime Iranzo e Israel Pagán (Teaching Guide)
  • Synthetic And Systems Biology – Elena Caro, Krzysztof Wabnik y Alejandro Couce (Teaching Guide)
  • Computational Structural Biology For Lead Discovery – María Garrido (Teaching Guide)
  • Biocomputing: Challenges, Solutions, and Opportunities María Garrido and Angel Goñi (Teaching Guide)

M3. Computacional Biology and Data Sciences

  • Health Data And Knowledge Management – Víctor Maojo, Miguel García, David Pérez del Rey, José Crespo, Sergio Paraiso, Raúl Alonso (Teaching Guide)
  • Semantic Technologies – Oscar Corcho, Asunción Gómez, María Poveda (Teaching Guide)
  • Knowledge Representation And Acquisition – Javier Bajo, Emilio Serrano (Teaching Guide)
  • Programmable Biology: DNA Computation And Biocircuits Engineering – Alfonso Rodríguez-Patón, Elena Nuñez (Teaching Guide)
  • Big Data Engineering – José Manuel Moya (Teaching Guide)

M4. Scientific Seminars

  • Seminar series offered in English – Israel Pagán (Teaching Guide)

M5. Professional Development

  • Professional Development And Technology Transfer – Antonio Molina y Javier Bajo (Teaching Guide)
  • Technological Innovation – Antonio Molina (Teaching Guide)

M6. Complementos Formativos

  • Introduction to Biology for Computer Scientists – Israel Pagán (Teaching Guide)
  • Introduction to Computational Biology for Biologists – Mark Wilkinson y Krzysztof Wabnik (Teaching Guide)