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Both the scientific community and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are increasingly aware of the enormous advantages of applying bioinformatics tools to their research or to their production chains. As a consequence, there is currently a great demand for professionals trained in the area of Computational Biology. The Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) has extensive experience in the areas of knowledge of Computer Science and Biological Sciences, from both a teaching and applied point of view. The Master in Computational Biology includes this experience to bring to its students the knowledge of UPM professionals, whose work has an international prestige.

The Master in Computational Biology is aimed to Graduates in Experimental Sciences who want to complement their formation by expanding their knowledge in the area of computing, and Computer Engineers who want to be trained in Bioinformatics. The objective of the Master is to train professionals who are able to understand the biological problems they face, both in a business and academic context, and give them the most appropriate bioinformatics solution.

The Master in Computational Biology is a master's degree of 60 ECTs, of which more than 20 ECTs are carried out as practice in companies or research centers, and it lasts for one academic year.

The Master in Computational Biology is currently subject to a process that aims at the renovation of the Acreditation 2020-2021, which is handled by the Madri+d Foundation. In this context, the Master presented at the Fundación Madri+d, on 26th of February, the self-assessment report and will soon receive the visit of an expert panel, asigned by the evaluating agency agencia, during the 2020-2021 call for the accreditation renewal process.

The self-assessment report involves an analysis of the degree of compliance with the quality standards established by the regional agency, in line with the national and European normative and cultural framework in terms of quality. As indicated by the Madri+d Foundation and in order for anyone who wishes to participate in it, you can access the following links to the:

  • "Self-assement report" of the Master in Computational Biology
  • "Open Audience Formular" by which any interested person can express their opinion on any aspect related to a certain official title that is being evaluated in order to renew the accreditation.

The options collected by the Madri+d Foundation, the recipient of the form sheet, will be made available to the members of the expert panel who carry out the evaluation for the Renewal of the Accreditation of each degree, one week before the external visit.




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